Sandbags Available and Other Preparedness Advice

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Although it is the homeowner's responsibility to protect their homes, during an emergency situation, Montezuma County has a limited number of bags and sand available for those who are currently experiencing flooding issues. (Empty sandbags are also available for purchase at local stores such as Slavens and Choice Building Supply.)

Empty sandbags for residents of Dolores (or upriver) are available at the Dolores Town Hall (Monday-Friday, 9-12 and 1-4:30) or at The Outfitter (Saturday 7-6 and Sunday 8-5).

Sand is available at Joe Rowell Park under a tarp. Please replace the tarp after filling sandbags. Bring your own shovel. This sand is for sandbags only.

Using Sandbags

  • Fill sandbags half to 2/3 full. Do not overfill. Ties can be used for transporting bags but shouldn't be used when laying sandbags. Fold top of bag under, leaving room for sand to spread out and bag to lay flat.Stack Sandbags like Bricks
  • Filled sandbags are heavy. Take steps to protect your back when filling, lifting, or placing sandbags.
  • Sandbags are to be used to protect yoru home-not outbuildings.
  • Sandbags should be used to divert water, not create a dam. Do not surround your whole house; focus on doorways or other areas where water might seep in.
  • Lay sandbags so that they fit closely and overlap like brickwork. If possible, lay plastic sheeting against the door to add further protection. Don't place sandbags directly against buildings.Stack Sandbags like Bricks
  • When laying sandbags, use around six per doorway.
  • When sandbagging longer stretches, stack sandbags in a pyramid shape, staggering layers like brickwork so that you don't have continuouse seams.

For more information on preparing for flooding, visit Ready.

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