Flanders Park Restroom Project

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The town has been working on plans for a new Public Restroom in Flanders Park. The Colorado Department of Transportation issued a Notice of Funding for the Revitalizing Main Streets Grant program. Up to $150,000 can be awarded to projects.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has launched a grant program to help revitalize Main Streets. This is an opportunity for the community to address the need for a public restroom in Flanders Park.

Program Purpose
The Revitalizing Main Streets Program was developed by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and other state agency partners to support infrastructure projects that provide for mobility, community spaces, and economic development. These quick-win activities will improve vitality, safety, and healthy activity in the downtowns and central gathering places of Colorado’s towns and cities. The program was initially developed to respond to the COVID emergency, and is now being relaunched as a permanent program.

Program Goals

  • Encouraging active transportation and healthy lifestyles through improvements to the vitality of downtowns, mixed-use centers, and community gathering spaces.
  • Support economic development and increase opportunities for businesses to thrive.
  • Imagine innovative uses of public spaces.
  • Support community access to the right of way that safely accommodates all modes of travel.
  • Provide safe access to opportunity and mobility for residents of all ages, incomes and abilities, including vulnerable users.

The town has been working with Connie Giles Architect and Lind Robinson Studio Inc to develop a location and design for the restroom. You can view the design here. The town is seeking the maximum Grant of $150,000 and will provide a match of $70,000.

Questions and comments can be made to the town manager at manager@townofdolores.com or 882 7720.