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For a complete listing of the town's municipal code, click here or view the listings below.

The Town will be posting adopted ordinances on the Muni Code Library


549 Adopting 2020 Model Traffic Code by reference

550 Establish compensation for Board and Committees

551 Amend Sec 2.04.30 of Muni Code concerning regular & special meetings

552 Amend Title 5 of Muni Code Article ll & lll of 1998 LUC allowing Short Term Rentals

553 Amend Ord 546 S2020 concerning regulation/taxation of Marijuana Facilities in the Town, establish zoning designation for light manufacturing of infused marijuana products

554 Amend title 5 &13 of Muni code to allow and regulate mobile food trucks and push carts

555 Amend title 15 of Muni code adopting by reference the international building code, plumbing code, mechanical code, property maintenance code, fire code, and emergency conservation code all 2021 Edition

556 Amend LUC art. 9 & 13, amend title 17 of Muni code (Hazards & Procedures)

557 An Ordinance repealing and reenacting portions of the Dolores Land Use Code

558 An Ordinance Annexing Certain Town Owned Property to the Town and Zoning Such lands.

564 an Ordinance amending Title 8, Chapter 8.04 and Chapter8.08 of the Dolores Municipal Code Pertaining to Nuisances

565 An Ordinance Amending the Land Use Code to Promote Affordable Housing

566 An Ordinance Amending the Land Use Code to Promote Affordable Housing II

569 An Ordinance Amending Title 12 of the Dolores Municipal Code to Regulate the Dolores Community Center Property

573 An Ordinance Increasing the Town of Dolores Sales Tax Rate by One Half Percent from 3.5% to 4% Beginning July 1, 2024

577 An Ordinance Amending Title 13 of the Dolores Municipal Code Pertaining to Separate Water and Sewer Lines