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Short Term Rental Permit Application


Application Checklist

Applications must be complete in all aspects. Please organize your application documents in the same order as the checklist below and place the checklist on top. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All documents must be signed and notarized prior to submission appointment. check list pdf.

  • Town of Dolores Short-Term Rental Permit Application (Form DSTRP Form  dated 10/27/21)
  • Copy of Property Deed
  • Copy of Corporate Documents (if applicable) (Certificate of Good Standing, Articles of Organization, or Incorporation)
  • Lease documents for all tenants (Multi-Family Structures Only)
  • General Business License Application (new business) OR Copy of Current General Business License (if currently existing business)
  • Sales Tax License
  • Zoning Development Permit
  • Passing fire and life safety inspection

Short Term Rental Permit Application

For detailed information relating to short term rentals, please visit the Muni Code Library web page. To apply for a Short Term Rental Permit, contact the Building Official at or call 970 882 7720 #5