Joe Rowell Park


There are two concepts that show various ways to improve Joe Rowell Park. The master plan will likely be a combination of the best ideas from the two concepts and prioritization of the improvements will happen later in the process. Please take the survey below to assist us in finding the best improvements for this project.

2020 Land Use Code Project


Dolores Land Use Code

For information on the adoption of the updated version of the Land Use Code (LUC), view the PowerPoint presentation on YouTube. below. Additionally, the printable version of the presentation is also available for download.

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Salter Vegetation management plan - a Local Forest Management project


Maps from the Forest Service showing the recreation areas within project area.

 The maps linked here will help you see how the Boggy Recreation area fits within the Salter Vegetation Management Project.  For up to date information please visit the Forest Service Website project page

Salter EA Boggy Rec

Salter EA Boggy Rec 1

Salter EA Boggy Rec 2

Salter EA Boggy Rec 3

Salter EA Boggy Rec 4

Salter EA Boggy Rec 5

Salter EA Boggy Rec 6

Click to view the comments regarding the proposed Salter Vegetation Management Project on behalf of the Town of Dolores Mayor and Trustees.

Click to view the formal objection from the Town of Dolores with the Salter Y EA and the amount of total projected heavy commercial traffic use of the FS Rd 526 to CR 31 with the final exit from the Salter Y area through the town of Dolores via 11th Street. These objections were presented to the SJNF during the comment phase of the Draft EA on or around March 13, 2021.