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Parks Advisory Committee


Creation, Appointments, Qualifications and Terms of Committee Members

There is hereby created a Park/Playground Advisory Committee, for the Town of Dolores, consisting of five voting members – one Town of Dolores Board Member and four Citizens.

All Committee members shall be appointed by the Town of Dolores Board of Trustees. Committee members may be removed from the Committee, only by action of the Town of Dolores Board of Trustees, for excessive absence or for cause see (5) below.

All Committee members must be Town of Dolores Residents residing within the Town of Dolores.

Two members for an initial term of three years.
One member for an initial term of two years.
One member for an initial term of one year.

A Town Board Member shall serve as determined by the Town Board

All succeeding appointments shall be for terms of two years upon the expiration of the initial appointments.

A Town of Dolores staff member shall be appointed by the Town Manager to serve as liaison between the Committee, and the Dolores Town Manager and the Town of Dolores Board of Trustees. This staff member shall not be a voting member of the Committee.

If Committee member position becomes vacant for any reason the Town Board shall appoint a new member to finish out the balance of that unexpired term.

  1. Committee members may be removed for cause - "For cause" shall mean any cause affecting and concerning ability and fitness of a Committee member to perform the duties of a member of the Town of Dolores Park/Playground Advisory Committee. For cause shall also include an unexcused absence of a Committee member from three consecutive board meetings, regular or special,
  2. The Committee secretary and/or the staff liaison shall report any reasons for cause removal to the Town of Dolores Board of Trustees, through the Town Manager

There shall be a chairperson, a vice chair and secretary all elected by the members of the Committee from the Committee membership.

All terms shall be for one year with successive terms allowed.

Elections shall be held in January of each year.

Meetings shall be held monthly. Special meetings may be called at any time at the request of four members of the Committee or the chair person.

All meetings shall be preceded with the appropriate public notice.

All meetings are public meetings and shall be held in accordance with the Colorado Open Meetings Law.

The Committee shall follow Robert's Rules of Order, except where set out in this ordinance to the contrary.

The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings either through minutes or recording the meeting as the Committee decides.

All records of the Committee are public records and subject to the Colorado Open Records Act.

All records of the Committee shall be kept in Town Hall under the care and custody of Town Clerk.


Advisory Members

Advisory members communicate with the Town Board, Manager and Clerk.


Ex Officio

Kalin Grigg appointed July 2022


Hugh Robinson


Nikki Gillespie



Audrey Mosher Appointed to a 2 year term in October of 2023


Jacob Carloni Appointed July 2022


Mari Gillum


Meeting Information

Regular meetings are held the Second Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

at 420 Central Ave or by a virtual link provided here:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 896 4285 2624


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