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Proposed Ordinances

Ordinance 556 Amending the Dolores Municipal Code Title 2 Administration and Title 17 Land Use Code Hazards and Procedures 

Article 5 for Ordinance 556  Article 6 for Ordinance 556

Overview of Article 5 and 6 for consideration in Ordinance 556

Ordinance #555 Series 2021, An Ordinance Amending Title 15 Of The Dolores Municipal Code And Adopting By Reference The International Building Code, 2021 Edition, The International Residential Code, 2021 Edition, The International Mechanical Code, 2021 Edition, The International Existing Building Code, 2021 Edition The International Property Maintenance Code, 2021 Edition, The International Fuel Gas Code, 2021 Edition, The International Plumbing Code, 2021 Edition, The International Fire Code, 2021 Edition And The International Energy Conservation Code, 2021 Edition, Published By The International Code Council

Approved Ordinances

Ordinance #554 Amending the Dolores Municipal Code Allowing for and Regulating Mobile Food Trucks and Pushcarts.

Ordinance 552 Amending the Land Use Code and the Municipal Code to Regulate Short Term Rental Business

Ordinance #550 Series 2021 Providing Compensation to future Elected Officials and Current Committee Members

Ordinance #551 Series 2021 Setting the Regular Board Meetings to twice a month.

Ordinance #549 Adopting Model Traffic Code by Reference

Ordinance #548 Series 2020 Senior Low Income Utility Discount Program

Marijuana Establishment Ordinance 546 Adopted November 23, 2020 Schools and Daycares - Buffer Zones

Marijuana Land Use Code Amendment Ordinance 547 Adopted December 14, 2020

RV Occupancy Ordinance

Business License Ordinance

Snow Removal Ordinance

Snow Removal Ordinance #2

Use of Public Places Ordinance

Ordinance 527 Regulating the use of Off-Highway Vehicles on Town Streets, Alleys, and other Town Property

Ordinance 530 Bear Resistant Container Ordinance

Ordinance 536 Open Flame fire ban

Ordinance 538 Hunting or releasing an Arrow

Ordinance 540 Emergency Ordinance to extend Marijuana Prohibition

Ordinance 541 Amend Land Use Code concerning Marijuana

Ordinance 542 authorizing the Sale of Town Owned Property

Ordinance 543 COVID 19 Emergency Declaration

Ordinance 544 Virtual Meetings

Resolution 425 2020 Open Flame Ban