The Town of Dolores Colorado Regular Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024.


Be Bear Smart

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To the residents of Dolores:
Bears in our area are out of hibernation and are hungry. The sheriff reported that there have already been many reports of bears trying to get into latched containers or actually getting into unlatched trash containers.

In 2017, the Dolores Town Trustees adopted an ordinance meant to reduce bear-human conflicts. The ordinance requires all trash to be stored in bear proof containers. In addition, the ordinance requires all commercial trash hauling businesses to provide secured latch-able containers. In order to reduce these conflicts, the Sheriff can and will issue citations to residents and business owners who are not latching their trash containers. Please be careful when out at night. To report a bear incident you can call the Colorado Parks and Wildlife hotline at 970 247 0855 or the county dispatch 911.

Ken Charles
Dolores Town Manager

Be Smart Flyer