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Marijuana Licensing


The Town of Dolores's regulated marijuana business license submittal requirements and processing information is a nine step process, which is outlined below.


Licensing Process

Step 1: License Availability: The town clerk will post a notice of license availability on the town’s website, opening a 30-day application period for the filing and acceptance of new applications. The clerk will specify the start date and end date and time of the application period.

Step 2: Attend a preapplication meeting: Interested applicants should contact the Town Clerk at 970-882-7720 who will schedule a pre-application meeting for the purpose of providing the applicant with an understanding of the licensing process. The pre-application meeting is mandatory and a pre-requisite to the submission of an application.

Step 3: Applicant files a complete application, including all documents on the Application Checklist, all required attachments, and all local fees. Applications are by appointment only. Set aside two hours for the application submittal appointment. Only one application per site will be accepted.

Step 4: Fingerprinting. All controlling beneficial owners, owners and managers are required to be fingerprinted.

Step 5: Lottery. If there are more applicants than available sites, A public lottery will be conducted among the qualified applicants. One applicant will be drawn at random for each available license. The Marijuana Licensing Authority will use a process by which the names of the applicants are shielded from view, and through which each qualified applicant has an equal chance of being selected. The selected applicant will be awarded a contingent local license.

Step 6: Building Permit Application: Upon being selected in the lottery, the applicant must immediately apply to the Town of Dolores Building Official and provide a copy of the submitted application form to the Town Clerk for inclusion in the marijuana license application.

Step 7: State Licensure. Upon being selected in the lottery, the applicant must proceed with obtaining a state-issued marijuana business license. A copy of the state license must be filed with the Dolores Town Clerk.

Step 8: Land Use Application. Upon being selected in the lottery, the applicant must proceed with any land use applications. Please be advised that the land use application may take up to 60 days.

Step 9: License Issued. Upon receipt of the conditional state license and Certificate of Occupancy, and successful inspections, a local license will be issued.


Marijuana Business License Application Checklist

Applications are accepted by appointment only and must be complete in all aspects. Please organize your application documents in the same order as the checklist below and place the checklist on top. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All documents must be signed and notarized prior to submission appointment.

Required Documents