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Dolores Land Use Code

Land Use Code (Adopted 2022)

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For information on the adoption of the updated version of the Land Use Code (LUC), view the PowerPoint presentation on YouTube. below. Additionally, the printable version of the presentation is also available for download.

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Statement: 17.04 Land Use Code and Zoning

This ordinance shall be known and may be referred to as the “Land Use Code of the Town of Dolores” or simply as this “Code,” or as the "Land Use Code."

This Land Use Code is adopted pursuant to the powers granted and limitations imposed by Article 23, Section 31 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, 1973, as amended.

The provisions of this Land Use Code shall apply to the development of all land within Town of Dolores, unless specifically provided otherwise in this Land Use Code.

The Land Use Code is adopted for the purpose of promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the Town of Dolores. It is adopted in accordance with, and is intended to implement, The Dolores Comprehensive Plan, as adopted [September 8, 1997]. More specifically, this Land Use Code is intended to do the following:

  1. Preserve and enhance the integrity, stability and livability of residential neighborhoods;
  2. Extend greater opportunities for traditional community living, working, housing, and recreation to all citizens and residents of Dolores;
  3. Maintain property values by stabilizing expectations and ensuring predictability in development;
  4. Preserve the historic, small town character of the community by directing new development appropriate locations and minimizing the visual impact of development;
  5. Prevent overcrowding of buildings and sites to avoid excessive concentrations of population, to promote energy conservation and facilitate the provision of adequate transportation, water, sewage, schools, businesses, parks and other public facilities and services;
  6. Reduce development sprawl and the excessive segregation of land uses that cause unnecessary traffic congestion and increase the costs of provided adequate public facilities and services.
  7. Encourage a more efficient use of land and public services and to direct new development in a more traditional pattern of mixed- and multiple-use and varied housing types;
  8. Provide a procedure which can relate the type, design and layout of residential development to the particular site, the particular need for housing at a particular time, and to the Town’s goal of encouraging mixed-use development while preserving and protecting existing residential areas.
  9. Establish a process that effectively and fairly applies the regulations and standards of this Land use Code, respects the rights of property owners and the interests of citizens.